Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko was hospitalized after his meeting with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Valery Tsepkalo, Belarusian opposition leader, said. He is in critical condition.

Several social media users cited an alleged leaflet online that noted Lukashenko’s death. They said that it was removed by the government. However, there is no official update on his health.

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“Belarusians posted a leaflet online this morning wishing their president, Alexander Lukashenko, dead, shortly after the leaflet was removed by the government,” a Twitter user posted.

However, there is no official statement made on the same.

Tsepkalo on Telegram said that Lukashenko met with Putin behind closed doors. He was then taken to the Central Clinical Hospital in Moscow.

“The best specialists were sent to return him from a condition assessed by doctors as critical. [His – ed.] blood was purified, Lukashenko’s condition was proclaimed not transportable.”

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“The organised measures to save the Belarusian dictator were intended to ward off speculation about the possible participation of the Kremlin in his poisoning. It does not matter whether he returns to working condition or not, doctors warn of a possible recurrence of relapses.”

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Earlier this month, a photo of Lukashenko was published by a state news outlet after growing speculation over his health. It was posted on Telegram by an outlet called Pul Pervovo.

The Belarusian President was seen wearing a bandage on his left hand. It said the president was working at a military command base.