Julia Wandelt, the woman who claims to be Madeleine McCann, who disappeared while on holiday in 2007, has taken a DNA test to check whether she could be another missing child.

Wandelt went viral after creating an Instagram page called iammadeleinemccan and claiming that she might McCann who went missing at the age of 3. Both of them have similar facial features. She also had an abusive childhood which she claims to have very little memory of. She does however claim to remember that she was abused by a German pedophile who looks a lot like one of the suspects in the McCann disappearance case.

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However, in the latest developments, 21-year-old Wandelt has taken a DNA test to see if she is Livia Schepp, a Swiss girl who disappeared in 2011 with her twin Alessia, aged six after internet sleuths suggested that she looked more like that missing child.

Dr. Fia Johansson, a private detective and psychic who is investigating Wandelt’s claims has said that the latter is open to the idea she may indeed be another missing child and not Madeleine McCann as she originally claimed. Wandelt has taken a DNA test with Schepp’s family and is awaiting the results.

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Johansson told The Sun: “Julia is very open to the idea that she may be Livia Schepp and we are investigating this possibility. I’ve spoken to her about this and she is open to the fact she could be any missing child out there – not just Madeleine. Julia just wants to know the truth about who she is. One of the reasons she made the connection to Madeleine is because one of the suspects in Madeleine’s case looks very much like a man who she says abused her as a child.”

She added: “But the same man could be connected to Madeleine and other missing children – this is how predators and traffickers work. Julia has taken a DNA test and we are investigating if it’s possible to check her DNA with that of missing Livia. We are investigating all possibilities at this stage.”