Thousands of supporters of Brazil’s former president Jair Bolsonaro invaded the country’s Congress, Supreme court, and presidential palace and
protested on Sunday, January 8.

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A video is being circulated of a lone mounted police officer
being pulled from a horse and beaten by the protestors with sticks. The protestors
were wearing the Brazilian yellow football jersey with the country’s flags in
their hand.


The protest took place at 12.30 pm EST on Sunday, a week
after the new Brazilian president Luiz
Inácio Lula da Silva
’s inauguration. Brazilian citizens protested
as they couldn’t accept former president Jair Bolsonaro’s defeat.

Another video of protestors destroying Brazil’s Supreme Court
is also going viral.


The protest was so massive and destructive that the Brazilian
police had to use tear gas to stop the protestors from attacking at Three
Powers Square in Brasilia.

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Security was able to take control of the palace and the
Supreme court from the attackers by 3.30 pm EST.

The Brazilian general elections took place on October 2,
2022, and the second round concluded on October 30, 2022, resulting in Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s win as
the president with 50.90% votes.

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The president of Brazil is elected for a period
of four years however many citizens of Brazil are not happy with the election
result and want former president Mr. Bolsonaro to take back the position. He is
yet to respond on this matter on social media as he left for Florida last week.

According to the reports, the protestors broke the barricades and entered the Supreme Court, presidential palace, and the Congress.