A Jet2 passenger died mid-air while the flight was en route to Glasgow after feeling unwell. After the flight took off from Antalya in Turkey on Tuesday, March 7, an alarm was raised after the male passenger “didn’t wake up”.

Despite the best efforts from the cabin crew and their performing CPR on the 44-year-old for 40 minutes, the man died. At around 6:40 pm, a mid-air emergency was declared near the Glasgow Airport. The passenger is believed to have been traveling alone at the time of the incident.

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The identity of the man, who was sitting near the aisle of the plane, has not been revealed. Several attempts to resuscitate him failed. The pilot requested a priority landing ahead of the flight before in queue. After the emergency landing, the man in the plane was pronounced dead.

“We were around 40 minutes away from landing and the next minute, all the cabin crew started running toward the seats behind me. A man had been pulled onto the aisle and they were trying to give him mouth-to-mouth,” the passenger, who did not wish to be named, told the Daily Record. “The pilot came on to inform us we were going to have to do an emergency landing due to a medical incident on-board. We had to land with all our cabin lights on and it was quite scary because you know that is quite dangerous.

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Thr passenger added that several people on the flight got emotional during the situation. “While that was happening, they were still down there trying to resuscitate the man. People were crying and really shaken up by it, it was really sad,” the passenger said. “When we landed, paramedics came on and they were still on the aircraft for about half an hour before people were let off. Everyone on the plane was really upset but the staff at Jet2 were so professional and respectful during the incident.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson reportedly stated: “We were made aware around 7.20 pm on Tuesday, March 7 of a 44-year-old man taking unwell on board a flight which had arrived at Glasgow Airport. The man was pronounced dead a short time later.”