US President Joe Biden has expressed intent to send troops to eastern Europe soon, though he is struggling to keep Americans and NATO allies on the same page, regarding the face-off between Russia and Ukraine. Biden’s decision comes as Ukraine faces an imminent threat of invasion from Russia. 

A lot of Republicans who support Trump, have said that Biden is exaggerating the situation at the Ukraine border, and some have ironically expressed support for Russia. Tucker Carlson, the influential host on Fox News, has echoed Russia’s points saying that he doesn’t care if he’s seen as Putin’s pawn. He asserted, “The United States should care about its own borders and not that of Russia or Ukraine”. 

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Lt Gen Kellogg, who’s been part of the Trump administration for matters of national security, also highlighted how Biden is focusing on a problem that is primarily European. According to him, this takes the President’s mind of China, which poses a larger and more immediate threat to the US.

Notably, China has openly supported Russia, saying that the US should take cognizance of the concerns placed forth by the Vladimir Putin-led government. 

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Despite the pushback from Americans, Biden has assured that he won’t be sending too many troops to eastern Europe. This would let Americans know that the deployment is just a deterrent and American troops wouldn’t actually be bogged at Ukraine’s borders. 

Unfortunately, Biden’s decision has been undercut by the Ukrainian president Voldymyr Zelensky, who accused Washington of making the situation more alarming, saying that as someone who’s on the ground level there are no threats of an imminent invasion from Russia. 

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The President of the United States also faces lukewarm support from the NATO allies, with Germany blocking the UK from using its airspace to deliver military aid to Ukraine. Several analysts have concluded that this is because NATO countries depend on Russia to meet their energy needs.