US President Joe Biden jokingly remarked about the viral “big f—— deal” hot mic moment from 2010 when former President Obama visited the White House on Tuesday.

Before leaving the podium, Biden warned the former president about the open microphone during an event focused on the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

“Now, I’m gonna sign an executive order, and, Barack, let me remind you: It’s a hot mic,” Biden said. The crowd applauded as Biden cracked the joke referring to his 2010 incident.

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The two presidents hugged before heading with Vice President Kamala Harris to a desk where Biden signed an executive order titled “Continuing to Strengthen Americans’ Access to Affordable, Quality Health Coverage.”

Biden’s remark was from the moment in 2010 when he was caught on hot mic using the f-word while referring to ObamaCare.

Obama also referenced the more than 10-year-old comment in his remarks at the White House on Tuesday, saying the ACA is “a pretty big deal.”

“The reason we’re here today is because President Biden, Vice President Harris, everybody who’s worked on this thing understood from the start that the ACA wasn’t perfect. To get the bill passed, we had to make compromises. We didn’t get everything we wanted. That wasn’t a reason not to do it. If you can get millions of people health coverage and better protection, it is, to quote a famous American, a pretty big deal,” Obama said.

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Earlier this year, Biden found himself in an embarrassing situation when he was heard calling a reporter from the Fox channel a “stupid son of a b—-” on a hot microphone following a White House. The President’s profane remark came as reporters were shouting questions while exiting the East Room.