Vladimir Putin was warned of personal sanctions by United States President Joe Biden on Tuesday as tensions along the Ukraine-Russia border have inclined. White House said that the threat of Russian invasion into Ukraine “remains imminent.”

When asked by journalists about laying down personal sanctions on the Russian President, Biden said, “Yes. I would see that.” He further warned that the sanctions against Moscow would potentially “change the world” and have “enormous consequences”, according to reports from AFP.

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The new restrictions that may be rolled out if Russia invades Ukraine would include limits on exporting American-made artificial intelligence equipment, quantum computing and aerospace sectors, AFP reported citing unnamed officials of the Biden administration.

Other world leaders — including British Prime Minister Boris Johnson– have also said that they would pitch in to mount the sanctions on Russia. Johnson said the sanctions would be “heavier than anything we have ever done.” Biden said that he had spokes to his NATO allies, who were all on the same page.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has urged for immediate international sanctions on Russia, regardless of any aggression. However, the Biden administration has not acted on it.

Russia’s military presence along the Ukrainian borders has been countered by the west. United States Department of Defense ordered 8,500 troops to be on heightened alert for deployment to the Baltic Region.

Biden has faced criticism from Republican lawmakers who have pushed for the White House to preemptively levy sanctions against Moscow.

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Biden says the United States has made clear to Russia that sanctions would be unprecedented and severe, but officials argue that preemptively acting would undermine any chance of moving Russia to step back from action, according to reports from Associated Press.

Multiple lawmakers from the GOP have played the Nord Stream 2 pipeline decision to their advantage and have reminded voters that Biden waived the sanctions last year.

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