BTS yet again broke the streaming records and shattered the skyline of charts on May 21 with the release of their single ‘Butter’. Since its launch, BTS has dropped two remixes of the song and a meal partnership with McDonald’s

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During their interview with Facebook, Bangtan’s members revealed the behind-the-scenes of creating the song. 

1: Jin or the certified-not-up-for-debate Worldwide Handsome member Jin said that the initial part of the song ‘Smooth like butter’ has been stuck in his head. He said that the line has the potential to grab you at once. “It’s a masterfully written melody. The intro is awesome. Jungkook is awesome.”

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2: Ahead of the song’s release, the group was shooting the episodes of their show ‘Run BTS!’. Several times he had to stop himself as he could not stop singing the song to himself. 

3: When asked about the perfect BTS song for every season, the members gave their own recommendations. For RM ‘Butter’ is a good summertime song. 

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4: According to Jungkook, ‘Spring day’ is the perfect combination with the soft spring breeze. 

5: The members while reflecting upon the single’s release said that they wanted it to be memorable. Smiling Jungkook said that it was fun “even though we weren’t able to be with each other in person”.