Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, was slammed on social media after a seven-year-old girl and three others were shot outside a funeral in Phoenix Road, near Euston station.

Medics arrived on the scene to find the victims injured. One of them, aged 48, suffered life changing injuries. 

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Air ambulances and police helicopters were called to the scene as police received reports of a shooting incident. Authorities believe that the shots were fired from a moving vehicle. 

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Several social media users slammed London’s mayor after the shooting incident. Some questioned about the city’s decline in safety, pointing towards the situation of London police, which is understaffed and underpaid. Others called for a check on gun related crimes in London. Most of them called out Khan for an inefficient governance leading to such deadly crimes. 

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“Just another day in Sadiq Khan’s London…#StopTheKhanage 🔪” a Twitter user said. 

“@SadiqKhan What you saying? My Dad was a Londoner and proud. You’ve ruined it,” another one added. 

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“You’ve been Mayor for years now and London is just getting worse and worse. You are part of the problem!” a third one tweeted. 

“@SadiqKhan is trying to deflect the terrible job he has done as London mayor. He is so desperate as the net closes round him. He knows the British people will never tolerate FOM again, which has done so much damage to living standards. London now is a S__t hole thanks to Khan,” a user said. 

“@SadiqKhan government refuse to talk about #cannabis which only kill people when people are chased by the police BUT still allow alcohol which kill thousands & cigarettes again kill thousands every year while mps use private healthcare while killing the #nhs off,” another one commented. 

“Drive by shootings in Euston today, what are you doing about gun and knives in central London….absolutely nothing,” one tweet amongst a thousands others pointed. 

“You worry about brexit yet another shooting in london with a child involved yet again you are a joke you have turned london into a nasty city and that’s on you and you alone how many have to die before you actually do something,” one user tweeted.