Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted that he’d exhausted all options but to order a special operation against Ukraine, after all the attempts by Moscow to change the security situation, resulted in nothing, Reuters reported. 

The agency reported US President Joe Biden remarking that Russia will solely be responsible for the death and destruction in Ukraine as a result of this invasion. 

During Putin’s televised meeting with business leaders, the Russian president spoke to Alexander Shokhin, the head of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, as per Reuters. The agency reported him admitting that Moscow was aware of the consequent sanctions and went ahead with the military operation as it found itself forced by the situation at hand. 

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Reuters also reported Putin saying, “We all understand the world we live in and were prepared in one way or another for what is now happening from the point of view of sanctions policy. Russia remains a part of the global economy. I want to thank you for what has been done so far in rather difficult conditions”. 

Meanwhile, Shokhin has warned that new sanctions are likely to be tougher than the ones before and may disrupt supply chains and logistics, as per Reuters. Western nations have also been urged not to have sanctions on climate-related projects. 

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In the events leading up to the Russian move against Ukraine, the Vladimir Putin government recognized Ukraine’s breakaway territories as independent. Then, the president sent in troops, which NATO members and Ukraine have dubbed an invasion.  

Part of the sanctions Russia faces includes those targeted at Russian businesses. Accordingly, Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the UK wants the British license of Russian backed news outlet, RT Channel reviewed. There have also been talks from the Labour MPs that Roman Abramovich, the Chelsea owner, should also face sanctions.