On Friday, a shooter opened fire at a Kurdish cultural centre and a neighbouring cafe in downtown Paris. At least three people were killed. Investigators believe the shooting was likely a racially motivated attack on a Kurdish cultural centre. As a result, numerous demonstrators flooded the area’s streets.

Projectiles were thrown at police, trash cans and restaurant tables were knocked over, and at least one car was damaged as riot police used tear gas to disperse an irate crowd a short distance from around the shooting scene.

Watch a video uploaded online of the ongoing riots:

Around noon, several shots were fired on Rue d’Enghien, causing fear on a street dotted with tiny businesses and cafes in the popular 10th area of the French capital.

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As police in riot gear roped off the area near Rue d’Enghien, where the attacker had earlier been apprehended, irate locals took to the streets.

Watch another video of the riots:

The attack was denounced in a brief statement by the Kurdish Democratic Council in France (CDF-K), which administers the centre that was attacked. Additionally, it stated that a vigil would be held on Friday night to remember the victims.

Although the shooting’s cause has not been established, Paris Prosecutor Laure Beccuau stated the man had previously been accused of engaging in racial violence.

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He used a sword to strike tents at a Parisian migrant camp in that incident, which happened on December 8th in Bercy. He had only lately been released, although it was unclear why.

Agit Polat, a spokeswoman for the centre, was quoted by the Le Monde newspaper as claiming that French authorities had “once more” failed to protect Kurdish citizens in Paris.

Although his motivations are still unknown, the fact that he was identified and whom he targeted immediately sparked racial prejudice.

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The danger posed by violent far-right organisations in France has been regularly highlighted by Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin.

The mayor of the 10th district, Alexandra Cordebard, announced at the scene of the shooting that the shooter had been injured and “had been taken to hospital.”

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Under the condition of anonymity, a shopkeeper in the neighbourhood told AFP that she heard seven to eight gunshots  “it was total panic. We locked ourselves inside.”