Nearly 13 people were arrested outside the United States Senate office buildings by the Capitol Police on Monday, just days after security precautions were put in place in Washington DC in preparation for the Justice for J6 protests.

A spokesperson for the United States Capitol Police wrote in an email that the protestors were charged with “crowding, obstructing and incommoding”, according to reports from the Washington Post. The arrests were reportedly made outside the Hart and Dirksen Senate office buildings hours before noon.

Those arrested were participants of the ‘Students’ March on Congress for Climate Action’, which began on Monday at 9 am at Washington Circle. The group then marched towards the United States Capitol, Washington Post reported citing the organisers of the event.

Monday’s march in Washington DC was joined in by at least 80 people, which included local college, climate activists, high school students and community members.

Numerous government-related issues were taken up for the march. These ranged from public housing, fighting climate change, citizenship for those who are undocumented, public housing and investing in renewable public energy.

Tara Stumpfl, a young student at the George Washington University in Washington DC, said, “Last year it was young people like us that came out in record historic numbers to give Democrats Congress and elected Joe Biden”, according to reports from Washington Post.

Her statement added, “They were elected on a very clear mandate to act on climate and they need to now deliver on their campaign promises.”

The news comes as tight security was laid out in Washington DC in preparation for a right-wing rally tagged as ‘Justice for J6’. It was organised in support of those who have been in the custody of law enforcement after the January 6 riots and have not been officially charged.

While anticipating possible violence in Washington DC, authorities kept National Guard troops mobilised. Fencing was also erected around the Capitol complex but was later taken down on Monday.