Tim Urban, a Twitter user, posted a feed that showed parts of the planet that have the highest population density and also the sparsely populated areas.  This Twitter thread explained the population density across the world with the help of data visualization and it garnered huge attention from users. 

The Twitter thread on population density is based on the analysis done by Alasdair Rae. He is a researcher and data analysis expert who has carried out research on Global Human Settlement data of the European Union. 

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The data showed the distribution of the population in the different continents. In the United States, the East and Southeast parts are more densely populated than the rest of the country. New Jersey has the highest population among all other areas. North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana have the lowest spread of population.

The Indo-Gangetic Plain is one of the most densely populated regions in India. The bars representing the number of people living in a square kilometer were very close to each other. While the northern end of India is sparsely populated.

The thread also predicted Jakarta to surpass Tokyo and become the world’s most populous city by 2030 with a population of 143 million. Europe and Australia are among the least dense continents. While India’s neighbour Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries on the planet. 

This analytics thread is creating a big buzz among Twitterati. Elon Musk has also participated in this discussion. Responding to the viral thread he said, “Earth is basically empty of humans.” Other than Elon Musk, Leilani Munter, an environmentalist, also tweeted, “Humans are consuming natural resources much faster than the Earth can replenish them. Species are going extinct 1,000 times faster than the natural background rate.” Along with these, Twitterati have also commented on the population sizes of many countries. Some were also of the same view as Elon Musk.