Videos on social media platforms show a clash between members of the American right-wing group Proud Boys and Antifa, a left-wing community who are often labelled as ‘anti-fascists’,  at a demonstration in Oregon’s Portland on Saturday, according to US media reports.

The face-off between members of the two groups, which are known to have polar political ideologies, happened at the Tom McCall Waterfront Park. The park was hosting a religious gathering being organised by Pastor Artur Pawlowski.

The event in Portland was attended by about 50 people, while members of Proud Boys stood guarding those in attendance, according to reports from Portland Tribune.

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Videos posted on social media show a bunch of protesters attempting to enter the McCall Waterfront Park and disrupting the event by interfering with the sound systems and also setting off smoke grenades. These protesters were identified as members of the left-wing group Antifa.

In response to the intrusion, the Portland Tribune reported, members of right-wing group Proud Boys gathered near the site wielding batons, paintball guns and other weapons.

The local media outlet also reported that the Proud Boys were forced out of the McCall Waterfront Park in Portland, after a clash between the two groups, which included the exchange of paintball gunfire and pepper spray.

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Law enforcement authorities of Portland did not make any arrests following the incident, which according to Portland Police Bureau spokesman Derek Carmon was “over prior to any police response”, according to reports from Fox News.

According to reports from Insider, Pawlowski is a Canadian pastor, who is known for making controversial comments and statements on sensitive topics. Pawlowski, in a statement, called the police officers ensuring COVID-19 protocols “nazis”. The Canadian pastor also said that the floods in Canada happened because god was unhappy about homosexuality.