A global shock was felt all across the world when news emerged that British monarch Queen Elizabeth II died after falling ill on Thursday, September 8, 2022. 

The death of the Queen will be conveyed with four small words, ‘London Bridge is down’. The words are a reference to Operation London Bridge, which is Britain’s immediate plan following the death of the Queen. Let’s find out what is known about it.

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Making it public

The day is now called the D-Day, and it will be the British Prime Minister, who will have the news delivered first by the private secretary of the British monarch. The secretary will also be delivering the news to the cabinet secretary and the advisors of the Queen, which is called the Privy Council.

The news will be delivered to the leaders of 50 countries of the British Commonwealth. A notification will be sent to the UK Press Association next, along with the media of the rest of the world. The British Broadcasting Corporation or BBC will begin the Radio Alert Transmission System or RATS. Television anchors will be changing to black attire, followed by the publication of obituaries, prepared beforehand.

Official notification of the Queen’s death will be put on the gates of Buckingham Palace, followed by the Royal Family’s website publishing a statement.

After announcing the news

The government business will be stopped effective immediately. The UK parliament, along with its legislatures in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales will be adjourned. Flags at Whitehall, the seat of the British government, will be flown at half-mast.

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The Prime Minister of the UK will be making a statement and a national minute of silence will be observed. St. Paul’s Cathedral in London will be organising a service of remembrance where the Prime Minister, accompanied by other cabinet ministers will be attending.

Operation Spring Tide, which is the British plan of the ascension of Prince Charles to the throne, will be carried out on the same day. The Prime Minister will speak with the new monarch, following which, Prince Charles, the new King, will deliver his first statement to the nation at 6 pm local time.