Since the glamorous
decades of the past, actors and directors would often boast a sparkly Golden
award. Fast forward to today, it seems like Hollywood just couldn’t care
less about the gold trophies. This year’s Golden Globes will not have a live-telecast, a host, or any award presenters.  

What used to be a
star-studded, glitzy award show, is now on the brink of oblivion. The boycott is said to be an after-effect
of the pandemic, but also, Hollywood turning its back on the awards.

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The Hollywood Foreign Press
Association, a committee of members who vote on the Globes, has been a key player in
the downfall – due to years of racist and corrupt practices. With the
massive glory of the Golden Globes, these practices were under a veil and were
brought to attention only after an exposé done by the Los Angeles Times last year.
The California-based newspaper uncovered that there were no Black members in the 100-member committee, which ended up creating a massive uproar in
Hollywood. The ripples ended up reaching A-listers including actor Tom Cruise,
who then returned all three of his Golden Globe trophies last year.

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While The Hollywood Foreign Press Association cites the pandemic as the reason for the celebrity-less
award show, Marc Malkin, the senior culture and events editor of Variety shared
that the association had reached out to certain celebrities to announce the
list of winners, but no celebrity ended up agreeing to do so.

 Back in the day, the Golden
Globes was one of the most anticipated awards shows, globally, with hilarious
speeches, iconic moments, and glamourous red-carpet appearances. With early
beginnings, in the year 1944, the golden trophies soon became a barometer of
Hollywood success.

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While some think the award show will redeem itself back to its
glory, others await to see if the Golden Globes can recover from the golden
glob of racial mess.