This week, Rishi Sunak will succeed Liz Truss, who held the record for the shortest tenure as prime minister of the UK.

He will take over as the nation’s third leader in the past seven weeks and its fifth since 2016.

It indicates yet another change at the top of government; Truss and Boris Johnson both hurriedly reorganised their Cabinets in an effort to retain their jobs, and Sunak is anticipated to appoint his own group this week.

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When he was made the finance minister by Johnson in 2020, his economic policies during the lockdown gained him widespread support and recognition. If Sunak becomes the Prime Minister, he will join a list of Indian-origin world-leaders who hold important positions in governments across the world. Here are some of them.

Kamala Harris

Currently the second-most powerful person in the United States, Kamala Harris serves as the vice-president in Joe Biden’s government. She is the first woman to become the VP in the US. A member of the Democratic Party, Harris has roots in Tamil Nadu. She also served as the Attorney General of California from 2011 to 2017.

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Pravind Jugnauth

The Prime Minister of Mauritius, Jugnauth has been the leader of the Militant Socialist Movement in the island nation since 2003. Prior to assuming the top job, Jugauth held several senior ministerial positions and has also been the leader of the Opposition. Though he was born in Mauritius and grew up there, his family is of Indian origin. 

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Antonio Costa

Costa is a Portuguese lawyer and politician who currently serves as the 119th Prime Minister of Portugal. He was elected in 2015. In the past, he was the secretary of state for parliamentary affairs from 1995 to 1997. Costa is half-Portuguese and half-Indian. More specifically, his father belongs to a Goan family. He is called Babush in Konkani by people in Goa.