Rishi Sunak might take over as prime minister of the United Kingdom on Monday. The only contenders with a formal declaration of candidacy are the former chancellor and Penny Mordaunt, former prime minister, and projected candidate Boris Johnson withdrew from the contest late last night.

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Here’s everything set to happen today:

-The contender to meet the 100 MP mark will become the next prime minister of the United Kingdom.

-If more than one candidate remains in the race, they will be able to present their case to MPs. MPs will select the next Prime Minister in a secret ballot. The ballot results will be announced.

-Online voting for the next party leader will take place among Tory members if there are still two contenders after tomorrow.

Sunak, 42, is the only candidate with more than 100 lawmakers’ confirmed support, the number required to run in the election. House of Commons Leader Penny Mordaunt has received far fewer expressions of support, but she hopes to reach the required number before nominations close at 2 pm.

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Sunak, who finished second to Truss in the Conservative leadership election to replace Johnson this summer, has promised “integrity, professionalism, and accountability” if he forms a government, in contrast to the chaos that has engulfed the previous two prime ministers.

Johnson abruptly dropped out of the race on Sunday night, effectively ending a brief, high-profile bid to reclaim the prime ministership he lost less than three months ago due to ethics scandals.

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Former prime minister Liz Truss resigned on Thursday after a tumultuous 45 days in office, admitting she couldn’t deliver on her botched tax-cutting economic package, which she was forced to abandon after infuriating her party and causing weeks of turmoil in financial markets.

Sunak, who led the Treasury from 2020 until this summer, managed to keep the British economy from collapsing during the coronavirus outbreak. He resigned in July in opposition to Johnson’s authority.