Lisa of Blackpink is rumoured to be quitting the band if Twitter is to be believed. These, however, are false and devoid of any factual proof.

After fans learned that Jennie and Ros� were in the United States, speculations about Lisa quitting the band began to circulate. YG Entertainment has previously revealed that the duo had travelled to the United States to work on a new project. The specifics, however, had not been revealed.

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In the midst of this, supporters were disappointed to learn that Lisa would not be a part of the project. With Jisoo focusing on her new show ‘Snowdrop’ and Jennie and Ros� working on a new project, people assumed Lisa was getting less attention than the others.

As a result, some of them criticized YG Entertainment, alleging that Lisa was being handled unfairly. This fueled speculation that Lisa might be leaving the band.  In reality, these are merely rumours with no basis in fact.

Blackpink has created a name for itself in the music business by consistently releasing blockbusters. Amid this, Lisa, Ros�, Jennie, and Jisoo have amassed their own fan base. Following Ros�’s solo, fans are now anticipating Lisa’s solo.

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DJ Snake even stated that he had been collaborating with Lisa. When a fan inquired, “DJ Snake ft Lisa?” the rapper answered, “Yes.” During the conversation, he also confessed that the song has been finished.

DJ Snake has also hinted at his and Lisa’s collaboration on his Instagram stories. Lisa and YG Entertainment have yet to comment on the situation.

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