Russian warship Admiral Makarov is likely to be struck by Ukrainian anti-ship missiles in the Black Sea. It is reported  that the vessel was struck near Snake Island by Ukrainian-made Neptune anti-ship missiles.

The report further stated that Admiral Makarov is damaged and on fire, but is still afloat.

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After the sinking of Moskva on April 14, Admiral Makarov, Admiral Grigorovich and Admiral Essen are the remaining high-value targets on the radar of the Ukrainian security forces.

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While Russia said that Moskva was seriously damaged by the detonation of ammunition on board as a result of a fire on April 13 and sank the next day in stormy seas when it was being tugged to a port, Ukraine claimed that its border guards used Neptune anti-ship cruise missiles to deliver “very serious damage” to the Moskva.

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In recent days, the US media have reported that the United States has helped Ukraine identify and target the Moskva as well as Russian generals while they are in the field.

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To this, the Pentagon, however, denied reports that it helped Ukrainian forces sink the Russian warship Moskva with spokesman John Kirby saying “we did not provide Ukraine with specific targeting information for the Moskva.”

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Admiral Essen was involved in cruise missile strikes against Ukrainian cities during the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.