‘The Horticultural Society’s’ vegetable-themed condoms campaign seeks to break down stigmas by shining a light on the beauty of sex and intimacy in later life, as per ANI.

A relationship counselling organisation ‘Relate’ has invented a different line of contraception that takes a profoundly greener approach to safe sex.

The organization has developed a healthy line of “Horticultural Society” condoms infused with various fruits and vegetables. They have courgette, plum, aubergine, onion, and avocado. These condoms are disguised in packaging that looks like a packet of seeds bought from the farm.

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The condoms are environmentally friendly and biodegradable, forever changing the meaning of “sharing your seed.”

According to reports, the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases is rising among people over the age of 65 in the United Kingdom.

The ‘Relate’ veggie condoms were developed in response to studies revealing that people in their 60s, who are in good health and have a lot of money, have more sex than ever before.

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Regardless of the fact that 52% revealed not purchased a condom in the past year, 62% of British people consider themselves sexually adventurous.

Sex was the most popular activity among those over the age of 65 (44%) followed by visiting relatives (43%), and gardening (33%). (33%).

According to a Relate poll, 43% of people aged 65 and up feel more secure and liberated about their sexuality now than at any other time in their lives, and more than half believe they are sexually adventurous. A 2020 survey found that millennials have sex once a month or more.

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Regrettably, it has been discovered that 80% of people over the age of 65 have not purchased condoms in the last six months, and STIs have increased in this age group over the last ten years.

According to Age UK, before the pandemic, Public Health England reported that syphilis cases in the over 65s had increased by 86%, yet 38% of them avoid discussing safe sex since it makes them feel uncomfortable.