There’s always a buzz about which post got how many likes on Instagram. For some Instagarm users, it’s even a sign of validation. Social media has seen a lot of postings go viral in recent years, and each platform has its own records for those with the most likes, views, and comments.

Instagram’s biggest posts have received tens of millions of likes in a short period of time, despite the fact that it may not look like posts may spread quickly and start attaining record numbers of engagements in a short time the way Twitter does.

Previously, a picture of an egg held the top position. It was a campaign by the user world record egg to unseat Kylie Jenner’s most popular photo. Lionel Messi‘s celebratory post after Argentina’s historic victory at the 2022 FIFA World Cup, their first since 1986, has replaced the egg at that position.

Here are the 10 most liked Instagram posts of all time:

10. Ariana Grande’s Wedding Post

Ariana Grande is no stranger to creating headlines on Instagram, and her and Dalton Gomez’s wedding images from May 2021 soon gathered up likes. The post by the singer has over 26.3 million likes. Grande herself has over a whooping 345 million followers on Instagram.

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A post shared by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande)

9. Messi’s win against Croatia in the FIFA World Cup 2022 semi finals

The Argentine footballer posted a picture after his team’s win against Croatia in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The post has over 28.7 million likes. Messi has 403 million followers on Instagram.

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A post shared by Leo Messi (@leomessi)

8. XXXTentacion’s last Instagram post

Rapper XXXTentacion published this last before his death in June 2018. In fact, there is only one post on his Instagram page. The post has over 30 million likes.

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A post shared by MAKE OUT HILL (@xxxtentacion)

7. Ronaldo’s final FIFA World Cup 2022 post

Millions of people cheered on Cristiano Ronaldo during the World Cup 2022, which was reportedly his final game for Portugal. But when they were eliminated before the grand final, his supporters rallied on social media, particularly Instagram, as the world saw one of the greatest footballers of all time miss out on the chance to win the world cup. The post has over 31 million likes, with Ronaldo having over 519 million followers.

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A post shared by Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano)

6. Messi’s post: Messi and Ronaldo face off in a game of chess

One of the most popular Instagram post has football legends Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi competing in a game of chess under the sponsorship of luxury brand Louis Vuitton. Given that both football players were listed in different positions, Louis Vuitton made a wise choice in pairing them up for this marketing campaign. The post has over 32.5 million likes.

5. Ronaldo and his partner announce twins

The next item on the list is Ronaldo and his wife’s announcement of their twins. Tragically, one of the twins passed away while being born. Love and support-filled comments have since flooded the page. The post has over 32.6 million likes.

4. Messi’s post with the ultimate World Cup trophy

Messi can be seen posing with the World Cup trophy, an enormous accomplishment that was widely shared on social media. The player now owns four of the top ten Instagram posts in the world as of this most recent posting. The post has over 35.9 million likes.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo’s post with Messi for Louis Vuitton

 Cristiano Ronaldo also posted the Louis Vuitton campaign picture of him and Lionel Messi playing chess. The post has over 42 million likes.

2. An egg

There was a time when this Instagram image of an egg broke every record. The @world_record_egg account launched a mission to break the existing Instagram post popularity record. The post has over 56.4 million likes.

1.   Lionel Messi celebrates winning the World Cup with Argentina

On December 18 in Doha, Argentina‘s national team led by Lionel Messi achieved an unforgettable triumph over France in the decisive match. As soon as he lifted the trophy for his nation, he posted an emotional and motivational message. The post now holds the title of the most liked Instagram post ever, with over 60 million likes.