Trevor Noah, the renowned South African comedian, packed his set with jokes that bashed everyone in the room equally. Not even President Joe Biden was spared at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday.

But before Trevor Noah got started with his set, Biden also showed his comical side and took on friends, adversaries, fellow lawmakers and other world leaders. The President managed to get laughs from the whole room but not as much as Noah.

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The comedian kicked off with a few light jokes and then moved on to Biden, who he said got his “highest approval ratings with a biracial African guy” standing next to him. The audience chuckled.

While looking straight at Biden, Noah said, “ever since you came into office, things are already looking up, Gas is up, rent is up, food is up. Everything.”

Next up in line to get roasted were Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump. “If Trump was the original terminator, DeSantis is like the T-1000.” Noah added, “You are smarter than him, you are slicker than him, you can walk down ramps!”

The infamous Oscars slap controversy that included actor Will Smith was also mentioned, although in a subtle manner. Trevor Noah said he was worried that he would make a mean joke about Kellyanne Conway “and then her husband rushes up on the stage and… thanks me.”

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The organisers of the event were not spared either. Calling it “the nation’s most distinguished superspreader event”, Noah voiced his COVID-19 concerns. The statements came at a time when Vice President Kamala Harris was in quarantine after testing positive for virus and the White House Press Secretary had just recently recovered from the disease.

“I mean, Dr. (Anthony) Fauci dropped out (of the dinner)! That should have been a pretty big sign”, Noah exclaimed at the event.