Turkey and Syria have come to the attention of the entire world as 4 massive earthquakes hit the countries in a span of 24 hours. So far, the death toll has reportedly reached counts as high as 2000 while thousands have been found injured. Various videos have recorded the tremors on camera. One such video showing the inside visuals of  Turkey’s famous hotel has been taking rounds on the internet.

The first earthquake started near Nurdagi in Gaziantep province, the Syria border. The epicenter of the second earthquake, which hit hours after the first one, was near Ekinozu in Kahramanmaras. Finally, the third one was near Godson in the same province. The magnitude of the three earthquakes is recorded to be 7.8, 7.6, and 6.0 respectively.

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Watch Turkish hotel workers scramble as the earthquake tremors are felt

In a viral video posted on Twitter, hotel workers of a famous hotel in Turkey are seen scrambling. They take shelter under their counters in the kitchen when the earthquake tremors begin to be felt.

The video shows how deadly the earthquake had been as the entire hotel shook vigorously. The objects in the video seem to be falling apart while the workers struggled to protect themselves during the disaster.

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The quake is being reported as the strongest to hit the region in more than 100 years. Leaders across the world have extended their hands in support of the affected regions of Turkey and Syria. US President Joe Biden condoles the loss of lives in the two countries. Interestingly, Turkey has declined Elon Musk’s offer to send Starlink after the disaster.

In a statement given by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, he expressed his concerns over the cold weather and how it has made the rescue operation more difficult. He has requested the countrymen to be together as “one heart”.