Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday. Talking about the mass killings in areas around capital Kyiv, especially Bucha, the comedian turned politician said that “there is not a single crime they would not commit there.”

Zelensky further urged the UNSC to act. 

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“The Russian military surge and purposefully killed anyone who served our country. They shot and killed women outside their houses when they just tried to call someone who is alive. They killed entire families, adults and children, and they tried to burn the bodies. I am addressing you on behalf of the people who honor the memory of the deceased every single day and the memory of the civilians who died, they were shot and killed in the back of their head after being tortured. Some of them were shot on the streets,” the Ukrainian President said. 

He further added that Russian troops killed civilians in Bucha “just for their pleasure.”

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“They cut off limbs, slashed their throats, women raped and killed in front of their children. Their tongues were pulled out only because the aggressor did not hear what they wanted to hear from them,” Zelensky added.

Zelensky compared the Russians to terrorists. He asked that UNSC  to provide security guarantees to Ukraine.

“Where is the security that the Security Council needs to guarantee? It’s not there. Although there is a Security Council. So where is the peace? What are those guarantees that the United Nations need to guarantee?” he asked in his address.

Zelensky further cited the Article 1, Chapter 1 of the UN Charter. The chapter talks about the purpose of the international body.

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“And now the UN Charter has been violated literally, starting with Article 1. What is the point of all the other articles?”

Zelensky described Russian actions as war crimes and said that he wants full and transparent investigations. 

“So, show all the other potential war criminals in the world how they will be punished if the biggest one is punished,” he urged the UN Security Council.