Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky urged Russia to engage in talks, in a video message posted on Facebook. 

Zelensky said, “I want everyone to hear me now, especially I want them to hear me in Moscow. It’s time to meet, time to talk, time to restore territorial integrity and justice for Ukraine, or else Russia will face such losses that several generations will not be enough for it to rise back up”. 

The Ukrainian president noted that Russia’s military activities in Ukraine were worsening the situation for Russians back home. He also noted that having honest negotiations without holding back, was the best way to mitigate damages. Zelensky added, “We always insisted on negotiations. We always proposed dialogue and solutions for peace. Not just during the 23 days of invasion”. 

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Notably, Russia and Ukraine have been engaged in talks, but couldn’t reach a ceasefire agreement. The humanitarian corridors have been set up finally after initial attempts failed due to Russian shelling on established evacuation routes. 

As the war continues to rage in Ukraine, Russia has been hit with sanctions from the global community with even a ban on importing Russian oil and gas. With individual oligarchs being targeted as well, the pressure is on President Vladimir Putin. Add to that, there are anti-war protestors in Russia as well. 

Running on a deeply impacted economy, Russia is struggling to control the narrative, as evidenced in the draconian law that promises imprisonment for those who spread what Russia deems to be fake news about the military. 

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However, Russia and Ukraine don’t appear to be on the same page when it comes to negotiations. The latter believes there’s been some progress with Russia becoming more realistic. Meanwhile, the former has assured that their goals since the start of the invasion, haven’t changed at all.