Refugees from Ukraine who seek asylum in the United States have been entering the country through the southern border, a place that has become a sore point for many Mexican migrants.

A loosely organised group, mainly consisting of Slavic church representatives, has come together to ensure safe passage to hundreds of migrants fleeing the Russian forces in Ukraine. Instead of directly entering the United States, migrants are arriving at border cities like Tijuana and waiting for their turn.

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In less than two weeks, volunteers worked with United States and Mexican officials to build a remarkably efficient and expanding network to provide food, security, transportation, and shelter, according from Associated Press.

Ukrainians are told to report to a United States border crossing as their numbers approach, a system that is similar to a restaurant with a long waiting list.

The volunteers who are managing the influx of Ukrainian refugees said that nearly 200 to 300 individuals have been permitted to go past San Ysidro. Hundreds more arrive each day in Mexico’s Tijuana, according to reports from Associated Press.

The Biden administration has said it will accept up to 100,000 Ukrainians but Mexico is the only route producing big numbers. Appointments at United States consulates in Europe have been thin, and refugee resettlement takes time.

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The administration set a refugee resettlement cap of 125,000 in the 12-month period that ends September 30 but accepted only 8,758 by March 31, including 704 Ukrainians. In the previous year, it capped refugee resettlement at 62,500 but took only 11,411, including 803 Ukrainians.

United States officials told volunteers that they aim to admit at least 550 Ukrainian migrants on a daily basis as processing moves to a nearby crossing that is temporarily closed to the public, according to Associated Press.