If you have ever had trouble with pesky tenants, spare a thought
for a landlord in the United Kingdom whose two-bedroom flat was littered with
tonnes of waste that included 8,000 beer cans.  

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Freddie Gillium-Webb who was assigned the daunting task of
cleaning the flat said he vomited thrice and gagged about 20 times because of
the terrible stench despite years of working with wastewater, The Sun UK

The tenant paid no rent for his year-long stay at the Hampshire
flat and even sent the landlord a text message saying he had left behind “a
bit of a mess” before his departure.

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Freddie spent nearly 30 hours over three days to clean the
property, which was in such an appalling state that spiders had begun to lift up
the cans in their webs.

The toilet had apparently been “never been
flushed” and cleaners had to use hundreds of bags, 10 bottles of bleach and
a digger to make the flat inhabitable again. The cleaning operation also
involved a massive skip bin

The cleaning cost the landlord £12,000.

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Freddie said it was evident the tenant had not used the bin
at all because the kitchen was full of food waste. The living room reeked of “half-eaten
kebabs and mouldy loaves of bread.”

“Upstairs there were bin bags full of cigarette ends
and you couldn’t see the floor because there were that many beer cans – I think
I removed about 8,000 in total,” he was quoted as saying.

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Freddie said while it appeared that the tenant “might have
had depression” and a “drinking problem based on the amount of (beer) cans,” there was still no excuse for him to “live like that.”

He said in order to save other landlords from suffering a
similar fate, such tenants should be blacklisted for renting again.