Former US ambassador Nikki Haley has called for the resignations for US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris in view of the standoff with Russia.

Haley said that President Biden and Vice President Harris were making the US look weak. She further warned that the US’ adversaries would do “whatever they wanted” if Washington continued to look weak.

The former ambassador condemned the President’s comments from last week, when he had implied in a speech that the US reaction to “minor incursions” into Ukraine would not be severe.

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“It’s absolutely cringeworthy listening to Biden’s press conference because literally you never show your cards especially when you don’t have any. And that’s literally what he did,” Haley told Fox News’ Guy Benson, host of ‘The Guy Benson Show’.

“Honestly, for the good of our country, if Biden loved our country, he would step down and take Kamala with him. Because the foreign policy situation is beyond dangerous at this point. And, you know, when you don’t have a strong America, you don’t have a safe world,” the former ambassador added, calling for Biden and Harris’ resignations.

The 50-year-old justified her comments by citing ‘failures’ of the Biden administration.

“Look at the situation. We are in a dangerous situation. He destroyed Afghanistan. He’s put us in a situation with Russia. He has no plan for Taiwan, and you’re sending our athletes over to Beijing for the Olympics, and you’ve said nothing about how you’re going to protect them when they’re over there. They’ve literally been threatened and told that if they say anything against the government they will be punished. Where’s the protection for Americans? Literally, he has failed on every level,” said Haley, giving her take on the Biden administration’s foreign policy.

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She went on to criticise President Biden on the domestic front too, saying, “And then you look domestically. You look at the fact that crime is hitting our streets. You look at the fact that we’ve got an entire COVID generation that we’re going to be lucky if they graduate from high school at this point if we keep these schools closed and keep taking on these teachers’ unions. You’ve got a border where you allow 200,000 illegal immigrants to cross last month alone.”

President Biden has been facing criticism for his January 20 speech wherein he suggested that there may be mild or no US military reaction to Russian incursions into Ukraine. However, President Biden has assured that Russia will have to face a “severe and coordinated economic response” from the US and its NATO allies if it steps on to Ukrainian soil.