US President Joe Biden on Saturday, addressing the world from the Polish capital of Warsaw, called for a regime change in Russia over the conflict in Ukraine, hours after he called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “butcher.”

“I’ve always spoken directly and honestly to you, the Russian people, let me say this if you’re able to listen: You the Russian people are not our enemy. I refuse to believe that you welcome the killing of innocent children and grandparents or that you accept hospitals, schools, maternity wards — for God’s sake — being pummeled with Russian missiles and bombs,” Biden said, clearly blaming the Russian government for the atrocities in Ukraine.

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“These are not memories of the past. This is exactly what the Russian army is doing in Ukraine right now,” Biden said, driving home the point.

“This is not who you are. This is not the future you deserve for your families and your children. I’m telling you the truth. This war is not worthy of you, the Russian people,” the 79-year-old went on, urging Russians to bring about a regime change in the country.

Biden’s final call from a regime change was crystal clear one, and the President exclaimed, “For God’s sake, this man [Vladimir Putin] cannot remain in power!,” concluding his address from the Royal Castle in Warsaw.

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The US President’s speech at Warsaw is expected to be the last official event of his trip to Europe, which began days ago in Brussels in light of the deteriorating situation in Ukraine.

Since coming to Europe, the US President not only met European leaders to discuss the crisis, but also visited US troops posted in Poland, and the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees who fled to Poland to escape the conflict.