Bangtan Boys often give glimpses of their personal lives on social media. Their
fans do wait for BTS band members to post pictures and videos on social media.
On Saturday, Jungkook, on Instagram, posted a 16-second video that shows
him boxing with his trainer, dressed in a black shirt with grey sweatpants,
which will definitely motivate you to work out.

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his excitement during their LIVE broadcast, Jungkook stated, “Jimin
hyung’s gonna start boxing too! Yaay!!! I’ll have someone to box with

Jungkook doesn’t just hold the record of fastest Asian act in history to
achieve 1 million likes within 2 minutes, but also to gain 7 million too. He
has been treating his fans with photos of his new dogs, Song and Paeng, along
with the new year greetings. But his recent post is a workout motivation for
all the Lazybones. Jungkook  shared a
glimpse of his gym routine, wherein he is flaunting his boxing skills with his
freelance trainer, Tommy.

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Jungkook conducted a chit-chat session on Instagram. He interacted with the BTS ARMY
there. However, a hater tried to troll Jungkook and said, “If you’re bored, you
should eat dog shit.” To which Jungkook replied, “You will also look like dog
shit if you shrink like a ball or chocolate pie.” Savage Jungkook answer
captured the hearts of BTS ARMY.

YouTube channel named Cinewood had also uploaded a video of the exchange. BTS
ARMY reacted to the video, with one user writing, “I really liked Jungkook’s wild response
to this hater. Instead, he mocked and roasted the hater in a cool way.”

second wrote, “Haters are so dumb they even follow them around and say we hate
them.” A third person commented, “Jungkook super wild answer wah! all the
radiators are very stupid insulting each other by doing useless things Heal
Jungkookie soon.”

– Be kind to the good guys and to the demons, so don’t think of being the devil
for them. BORAHAE,” said another.

consists of RM, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Suga, V, and Jungkook. Each band member has
their own fan base. Some people dislike these members and target them. BTS
members often respond to these trolls in rather hilarious ways.