A television anchor was super lucky to have not met with any major injury even after a part of TV set collapsed on him. The incident took place on the sets of ESPN Colombia during a live show. A video of the incident got viral after it was shared on Twitter. 

Carlos Orduz, who is an anchor for ESPN Colombia was a part of the panelists during a live show when a huge screen like structure fell on him, the incident was so spontaneous that it crushed the anchor’s face on the desk. The incident was recorded on a digicam showing Orduz hunched upon the desk after the TV set collapsed on him.

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Here’s the viral video of the TV set collapsing:

The cameraman quickly took away the shoot from the whole TV set to the main anchor, who was very shocked looking at the horrific incident but carried on after a while looking back to the camera, after which he called for a commercial soon. 

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Mike Sington, who is a senior executive at NBC Universal who also posted a video of the incident, gave an update on Orduz as well, he wrote on Twitter, “ESPN anchor reassures viewers he is fine after being hit by falling set piece.”

He also posted a video later stating that he was fine and just suffered few minor bruises.