Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal told employees, Monday, that the social media company has an unsure future after Elon Musk closes the deal to take it private, Reuters reported. The SpaceX and Tesla CEO is set to acquire Twitter for $44 billion

Agrawal, who became CEO from chief technology officer in November 2021, said “Once the deal closes, we don’t know which direction the platform will go”. The company also noted that Musk will join the staff at Twitter for a question-and-answer session at a later date. 

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Musk has always been a vocal critic of Twitter and slammed it for stymying free speech. After taking over the social media company, Musk announced that he wanted even his worst critics to stay on the platform. However, ex-Reddit CEO Yishan Wong has already warned Musk of a world of pain in trying to champion free speech without restrictions in a company the size of Twitter. 

Musk also had other ideas, like turning the headquarters into a homeless shelter. However, the most pertinent change that Musk has suggested is slashing the payment to the Twitter board of directors. At this time, it remains unknown whether Agrawal will continue as the CEO of the social media giant. 

Citing research firm Equilar, Reuters noted that the Twitter CEO stands to make $42 million if his position is terminated within 12 months of the company takeover. 

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Earlier, Musk had bought a majority share in Twitter but turned down a chance to be on the board of directors. While his initial buyout proposal was halted with a Twitter “poison pill“, the billionaire extended a tender offer to procure the company. 

When the initial news of Musk’s stake became public, he’d floated an option for Twitter users to vote on the need for an edit button, with Agrawal commenting that the vote would have serious consequences. However, the social media company had already been working to roll out this feature before the change of hands.