During her yearly visit to Scotland in the summer, the Queen will have the rare task of parting with one prime minister and welcoming another.

Liz Truss, who was selected as the winner of the Conservative Party leadership race, will visit the monarch at Balmoral Castle on Tuesday after winning the race.

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But not before his party moved against Boris Johnson in July following Downing Street lockdown parties and for his treatment of sexual harassment charges against one of his ministers. Johnson ultimately decided to leave in person.

The Queen has had seven decades to rule, and Liz Truss will be her fifteenth prime minister—the first one she has chosen from Scotland rather than London.

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Where is Balmoral Castle?

Queen Elizabeth II is the owner of the sizable estate residence known as Balmoral Castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. It is located close to Crathie, 50 miles west of Aberdeen and 9 miles west of Ballater.

Since 1852, when Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria, purchased the estate and old castle from the Farquharson family, Balmoral has served as one of the royal family’s residences in the United Kingdom.

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Later it was determined that the home was too small, and the current Balmoral Castle was ordered. Prince Albert modified the ideas of Aberdeen-based architect William Smith. The Queen still owns Balmoral privately; it is not a part of the Crown Estate.

The castle is a prime example of Scottish baronial architecture and is a category A listed structure according to Historic Environment Scotland. The old castle was demolished shortly after the construction of the new one in 1856.

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The Balmoral Estate presently has an area of about 50,000 acres after being expanded by several royal family members. It is a working estate that has controlled herds of deer, Highland cattle, and ponies in addition to farming, grouse moors, and woodland.