Angela Levin, the
royal biographer, is coming out with her new book titled Camilla: From Outcast
to Queen Consort
, on King Charles III’s wife. A journalist, author, broadcaster
and public speaker, Levin has recently focussed on writing comprehensively on
the British royal family. Her new book will release on September 29.

Camilla: From
Outcast to Queen Consort, Levin’s new book, states that Prince Harry’s
relationship with the now-Queen Consort has worsened over the years, especially
since Harry and Meghan Markle moved to the United States. It also says that
Camilla was extremely welcoming of Markle but the Hollywood actress was unresponsive
to her mentorship, according to an excerpt published in The Telegraph.

Who is Angela

Angela Levin’s
journalistic career began as a researcher in the Observer Magazine. There, she
wrote a weekly interview column. She subsequently moved to You, then the Mail
on Sunday magazine.

Her work as a
journalist centred on conducting interviews of the famous and infamous,
celebrities and families that had undergone trauma and tragedy, according to
her website

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Levin wrote a
popular interview column on the Daily Mail titled ‘agony aunt’ that delved into
current questions of morality and included celebrity interviews. On November
14, 2018, on the occasion of then-Prince Charles’ 70th birthday, she
wrote a profile of the soon-to-be king for the Mail.   

Angela Levin’s
notable works

Over the years,
Angela Levin has published a series of books. At least two of her books are on
the royal family of Britain. These include:

Conversations with the Prince; published in 2018, the book contains exclusive
conversations with the prince at Kensington Palace.

Babies: Kate, William and the repair of a broken family.

A third, on Queen
Consort Camilla, is on its way.

Levin has also
written, Wormwood Scrubs: The Inside Story, Revealing what really goes on
inside England’s most famous prison; Loving Peter – My life with Peter Cook and
Dudley Moore with Judy Cook.