Prince Harry made history today as he became the first British royal to testify in open court since 1891. In an extraordinary attack on the government, he lambasted No 10, branding it ‘rock bottom’. Harry’s appearance at the High Court in London was part of his lawsuit against the Mirror’s publisher for alleged hacking, which the publisher denies.

During his testimony, he addressed rumors surrounding Princess Diana’s former lover, James Hewitt, and the speculation that King Charles might not be his real father.

Who is James Hewitt?

James Hewitt is a former cavalry officer and a central figure in one of the major scandals that rocked the British monarchy in the late 20th century.

In 1986, he met Princess Diana at a party and became her riding instructor. Their relationship soon turned romantic, lasting for several years. Hewitt’s involvement with Diana became public knowledge when he cooperated with author Anna Pasternak for the book “Princess in Love” in 1994. Diana confirmed the affair in a 1995 interview.

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After Diana’s death, Hewitt continued to make headlines, attempting to sell love letters written to him by Diana and engaging in various business ventures. Persistent rumors have speculated that Hewitt is the biological father of Prince Harry, which both Hewitt and Prince Harry have denied.

One of the significant points raised during Harry’s testimony was his recollection of rumors suggesting that James Hewitt was his biological father. He revealed that as a teenager, he heard hurtful stories about Hewitt being his real father, causing him distress and making him question the motives behind such stories.

However, he learned in 2014, at the age of 30, that the timeline did not fit, debunking the rumors. He also wondered if the newspapers aimed to put doubt into the public’s mind to potentially oust him from the Royal Family.

During the trial, Prince Harry also mentioned his concerns about potential hacking of his father, King Charles. When asked if he believed Charles was a victim of phone hacking, Harry responded, ‘Potentially unlawful information gathering, yes.’ This statement raises questions about the extent of media intrusion within the royal family.

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Prince Harry’s testimony shed light on his experiences with the press, expressing his long-standing hostility towards media outlets.

As the first senior royal to give evidence in one of the Monarch’s courts in 132 years, Prince Harry’s testimony marks a historic moment. His statements have exposed the challenges faced by members of the royal family regarding media intrusion and raise questions about the ethics and practices of the press.