Kro is the leader of the Deviants, one of the Celestials’ ancient races. The Deviants are a dark antithesis of the Eternals- a twisted, malformed race of demons who think they should rule the Earth. And if Kro has his way, they might be strong enough to pull it off.

Kro has fought the Eternals in numerous battles, but he’s also worked in the shadows to influence human warfare. He previously disguised himself as Rudolph Hendler, a Hitler-like dictator who plunged the Marvel Universe’s Europe into WWII in the 1940s.

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Kro is the Eternals’ evil polar opposite. Kro’s skills as a tactician and military commander have earned him the label “Warlord Kro.” Kro’s skills have been evolved over the course of 20,000 years or thereabouts. Unfortunately, while his immortality sets him apart from the other Deviants, it also renders him vulnerable.

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Kro is impervious to injury, and his body can heal at a rapid rate if he is injured. It’s similar to the Eternals’ capacity to heal themselves, which is another way Kro is connected to them. Kro, like the other Deviants, possesses incredible strength. Kro is afraid of being a lab rat if his people find out about his power, so he creates false identities and pretends to be one of his own relatives.

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He’s also Thena’s former boyfriend and the father of her two children (played by Angelina Jolie in the film).While many Eternals fans believe the film will be inspired by Neil Gaiman and John Romita Jr’s 2007 miniseries, Kro’s presence signals the MCU will be more inspired by the classic Eternals comics, where Kro played a larger part. He appears to be the film’s main adversary and one of the focal points as we watch the centuries-long struggle between Eternals and Deviants play out.

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