Chinese actor Li Yifeng was arrested by the Beijing police on the charges of soliciting prostitutes. The actor is in administrative detention for 15 days and further action will be taken upon investigation. 

This 35-year-old actor was the brand ambassador of Prada, Remy Martin, Panerai and L’Oreal Paris. Some of these global brands like Prada, Panerai and Remy Martin issued statements stating about the removal of Li Yifeng as their brand ambassador and breaking all contractual ties following the controversy. 

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Who is Li Yifeng?

Li Yifeng was born on the 4th of May in Chengdu, Sichuan. He attended the Chengdu Fifth Middle School and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting and Hosting from the  School of Film and Television at Sichuan Normal University.  

He started his career as a singer and earned recognition after participating in the 2007 My Hero contest and was also the recipient of the Most Popular Contestant award.

In 2007, he released two albums Four Leaf Clover, and The One I Love Hurts Me The Most which became big hits. Within two years he shifted to acting. In 2009, he made his acting debut with the drama The Prince of Tennis 2. 

Later he started acting in many tv series and is best known for his roles in Swords of Legends, The Lost Tomb, Noble Aspirations and Sparrow. 

In 2012, Li Yifeng was highly praised for his performance as an autistic youth in the drama series White Lies and he won the Best Acting Idol award and the Most Popular Actor award in the 2013 LeTV Awards.

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In 2015, he started appearing in films like  Forever Young,  Fall in Love Like a Star, and Mr. Six and in the same year, he ranked 9th in the Forbes 2015 Chinese Celebrity list. 

In 2016, Li was appointed as the Chinese Spectator Ambassador for the blockbuster film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  In February 2019, Li announced the opening of his new company called Bravo Stars. 

Li was dating Korean actress Lee Dahae since 2016 but the couple recently announced their breakup.