The Nicola Bulley case has captivated England and inspired a thorough search that has now lasted more than 20 days.

The British mother-of-two has been missing for three weeks after going missing while out for a dog walk in a small Lancashire community. And despite a comprehensive investigation and the police’s analysis of thousands of pieces of evidence, no significant clue that might have held the answer to what happened to the 45-year-old has been discovered.

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Who is Nicola Bulley?

Mortgage advisor Nicola Bulley is a 45-year-old woman. She resides in Inskip, Lancashire, with her children and husband. On January 27, 2023, she was reported missing after failing to get home after the school run. Her dog’s lead and phone were also discovered on a park bench.

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In addition, the officer in charge of the investigation into Bulley’s disappearance said after a news conference on Wednesday that she had a lot of specific problems and substantial issues with alcohol spurred on by her ongoing struggles with menopause, which had recently returned.

The Lancashire Police declared Bulley to be “high risk” due to “a number of specific vulnerabilities,” but they would not specify what those vulnerabilities were. Also, detectives admitted that they had visited Bulley’s home the week before she vanished to see how she was doing mentally. Nonetheless, there has been strong criticism of Lancashire Police’s choice to make public Bulley’s alcohol and mental health problems.

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Nicola was last seen at 9.10 a.m. in St. Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire. The mother-of-two, who is 5 feet 3 inches tall, was last seen walking her dog alongside a river path. Bulley was last spotted with her hair pulled back into a ponytail and was sporting a long, black gilet jacket with a hood.