Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan recently tied the knot with Saudi’s Rajwa Al Saif on June 1 in a luxurious wedding ceremony. The royal couple had an engagement in August.

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The royal wedding was attended by Prince William and Kate Middleton. Many dignitaries around the globe were present at the royal affair.

As the news of the royal wedding surfaced, many people expressed interest in the princess of Jordan Rajwa Al Hussein.

Who is Rajwa Al Saif?

Rajwa Al Saif was born on April 28, 1994, and hails from Saudi. She studied at Syracuse University School of Architecture, and the American University of Beirut. She married Hussein, Crown Prince of Jordan, and will most likely be Jordan’s next queen consort.

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She is the fourth child of the CEO of the Al Saif group, Khaled Al Saif and Azza Al Sudairi. Her other siblings are Faisal, Naif, and Dana.

Net worth-

The net worth of Rajwa Al Saif is not disclosed. Though, the net worth of the Royal Family of Jordan is estimated to be around $750 million.

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Rajwa Al Saif recently married the Crown Prince of Jordan, Hussein, on June 1, in a luxurious wedding.

Eli Saab wedding gown-

Elie Saab is a renowned fashion designer from Lebanon. His primary workshop is in Lebanon, but he also has workshops in Milan and Paris. Rajwa Al Saif wore the luxurious Eli Saab gown at the wedding, which cost around $300,000.


She is an architect by profession.

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The official ceremony was held at the Zahran Palace and was intended to honor Jordanian culture, Prince Hussein’s military career, and Rajwa’s heritage. The customary ceremony, known as katb ktab, was relatively small. Around 140 people attended, including the prince’s parents.