Severina Burner, a council member from the City of Salisbury in Adelaide, Australia, has come under fire for posting a Nazi swastika meme on social media on Sunday. 

Local officials in the city have come together to condemn Burner’s action and it has drawn flak from other quarters as well.

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Who is Severina Burner? 

Severina Burner is a member of the city council in Salisbury, Adelaide, Australia. She came under attack for sharing a meme on social media with a Nazi swastika reference. 

The picture she shared shows a boy imitating the Nazi swastika symbol with outstretched legs and hands and contained the caption, “Me when I’m asked to apologize for being right”, with the word ‘white’ being covered over with ‘right’.

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Burner’s caption to the photo read: “We are not alone. Personal views”. 

In reaction to her post, the Salisbury councilors passed a motion that “strongly denounces” the meme. While passing the motion, they observed that the meme had references to the Nazis and fascism. The Daily Mail reported that the motion was passed unanimously.

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The report further said that the councilmembers expressed dismay at how the image would affect people residing in the northern suburbs having connections to victims of the Nazi persecution in Europe. 

“We are united in not tolerating this behavior,” Mayor Gillian Aldridge said at the meeting.

Incidentally, there is a holocaust museum located in Adelaide that, according to the official website, is “dedicated to telling the stories of the Holocaust to create a fairer and compassionate world”. 

The chair of the museum, Greg Adams, told Daily Mail that elected officials need to be held to higher standards.