Burhan Eliasi, a Kurdish man, has been shot dead by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Javanrud, Kermanshah, several social media users and the Hengaw Organization for Human Rights reported on Saturday. 

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As per Iran International, security forces opened fire on people in Iran’s Javanrud, where they had gathered to mourn victims of the November 20-21 protests. Erfan Kakaie, Bahaoddin Veisi, Tahsin Miri, Masoud Teimuri, Jamal Azami, Johar Fatahi and Esmail Gol Anbar were killed by government forces. 

The forces, on Saturday, shot Eliasi, several users and organisations said on social media. 

Who was Burhan Eliasi?

Burhan Eliasi, as per social media users, was 22 years old. He was from Javanroud in Kermanshah. 

“The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has launched a military attack on the people of #Javanroud. The people of this city held a mourning ceremony for 7 young people who opposed the government who were killed by the regime. 22-year-old #BurhanEliasi was killed in this attack,” a Twitter user said. 

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“While the world is getting ready to celebrate the New Year, innocent Iranian youths are being killed by the mullahs’ regime in the streets. #BurhanEliasi was killed today in #Javanrud,” another one added. 

Protesters chanted slogans like “Martyrs will not Die” and “Death to Khamenei” to resist security forces.

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Earlier this week, Iranian security forces killed two men and arrested two others allegedly behind a deadly shooting last month in a southwestern city, state-run media reported, amid conflicting accounts of the incident that coincided with a wave of anti-government protests.

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Iran’s state-run IRNA news agency said the two suspects killed were behind last month’s shooting that left dead seven people at a bazaar in the small, working-class city of Izeh in Khuzestan province. The country’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard and Intelligence Ministry also arrested two other suspects in the same operation.