Matthew Winder, an Australian man, died inside the detention room at Patong Police Station in Phuket, southern Thailand.

Who was Matthew Winder?

Matthew Winder was a 31-year-old Australian man who was found dead at a Phuket Police Station. He was on a five-day trip to the tourist destination of Phuket to add to his collection of face tattoos. He was scheduled to fly back to Australia on Tuesday.

Police verified that Winder was detained early yesterday morning for being drunk and belligerent.

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There are conflicting reports as to whether he was arrested at a pub on Bangla Rd or in front of the residence he was staying at on Patong Beach Road. Winder was being kept in a detention cell on the second level of the police station.

At 5.45 am, police received a report of a foreigner shouting and upsetting visitors at a hotel on Thaweewong Road in Kathu district while under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. Pol. Col. Sujin Nilbadi, the superintendent of Patong Police Station, and Pol. Lt. Col. Somphon Surin, the deputy superintendent, proceeded to look into it.

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The Australian was taken to the Patong Police Station, where he was transferred to the detention chamber, a place of solitary incarceration for detainees, to calm down, according to the police.

Cause of Death: 

Yesterday at around 11:30 a.m., the on-duty officer left for lunch. When he came back, he discovered Winder hanging from the iron bars by a cloth, authorities said. According to the authorities, Winder was the only person in the cell when he died. Police say that he hanged himself with the rope from his shorts.

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According to the police, they looked at the CCTV footage and observed Winder, who was by himself in the room, pleading for help before hanging himself with the rope from his shorts.