Moataz Al-Khawaja, who has been named the suspect in a shooting on Dizengoff street in Tel Aviv, has been shot by the Israeli occupation forces.

The gunman opened fire in the Israeli capital on Thursday. Three people were wounded in the attack. Al-Khawaja was killed by the police. A corner of the Dizengoff street, which is in the city centre was cordoned off. A restaurant was empty after customers apparently fled mid-meal, Reuters footage showed.

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Who was Moataz Al-Khawaja?

Moataz Al-Khawaja is being described as a 23-year-old Palestinian. Islamist militant group Hamas claimed the shooter was from the Israeli-occupied West Bank and their member.

Al-Khawaja was originally from Naalin, a village in the Ramallah area. 

The police shot down the terrorist. At the moment there are 3 injured, being treated in hospital while one is in serious condition, reported Reuters citing Israel’s national security minister.

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The Hamas assailant had been recently in jail for over a year in Israel for possession of weapons. 

All three injured once started treatment in emergency services. The Israeli ambulance service said as the footage showed large numbers of police and medical workers at the scene. There is no detailed information on the circumstances of the shooting, reported couple tg24 Sky news.

Some users shared videos on Twitter showing a teenager distributing sweets to passers-by in the West Bank streets as a sign of joy over the Tel Aviv attack. The authenticity of the video and its context are not verified. 

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This incident “is a natural and very rapid reaction to today’s crime in Jaba” said Hamas spokesman Hazem Kassem, according to tg24 Sky news.  

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is currently in Rome on his third international visit since the new government took office. He was informed of the incident and he immediately expressed “prayers for the speedy recovery of the wounded” and “strengthen the hand of police,” in a Twitter post. The premier also stated “We will continue to build our nation, deepen our roots and build our common future as brothers and sisters,” as National Liberal Movement (Likud) leader said.