Shraddha Walkar, 27, was strangled by her live-in boyfriend, Aaftab Poonawala, following an argument between the two at their rented apartment in Delhi’s Mehrauli on May 18. The accused has been arrested by Delhi police and is now being questioned over the crime.

After Walkar was murdered, Poonawala allegedly cut up her body in 35 pieces and stored it in the fridge to get rid of it little by little over the course of the next few weeks. 

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Walkar had been fearing for her safety ever since the couple started living together on May 2022. Arguments between the couple had become heated lately and Shraddha had confided in her friends that she feared for her life as Aaftab had been beating her during arguments.

Who was Shraddha Walkar?

Shraddha Walkar used to reside in Evershine City in Vasai East in Maharashtra where she worked at a BPO call center. That was when she struck up a relationship with Poonawala. 

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The couple first met through a dating app back in 2018 where they struck up a conversation and eventually fell in love. Both Shraddha and Aaftab had been in a relationship for four years before she met a tragic end. 

Her family did not approve of the relationship. Shraddha later told her family that she had intentions of marrying Aaftab, but her father and brother did not approve of the relationship and became estranged. Walkar’s mother died some years ago. She is survived by her father.

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In 2022, the couple moved to Delhi’s Mehrauli and were living in a two-bedroom flat. Their love story soon transformed into a nightmare when Aaftab started getting abusive. Shraddha even reached out to her friends, alleging that Aaftab is beating her and might kill her.

The day that Aaftab strangled Shraddha, the couple had a fight after she suspected that he was having an affair. The accused also refused to marry the victim during the argument.