Constables Matthew Arnold and Rachel McCrow were identified as the two police officers killed in a shooting in Wieambilla, Queensland

Six people were killed in the incident. The officers had arrived at a property to investigate reports of a missing person, who has been identified as Nathaniel Train, were ambushed, authorities said Tuesday. Three were shot dead by tactical police following a six-hour standoff. 

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A third officer was grazed by a bullet while the fourth escaped, Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll said at a briefing.

“Tragically, this is the largest loss of life we have suffered in one single incident in recent times,” Carroll said.

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“It is with a heavy heart we confirm the deaths of Constable Matthew Arnold and Constable Rachel McCrow. Their lives were cut tragically short in the line of duty at Wieambilla yesterday. With Honour They Served,” the Queensland Police Department tweeted. 

Who were Matthew Arnold and Rachel McCrow? 

Matthew Arnold was 26 years old and Rachel McCrow was 29. Both were from the Tara Police Station.

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“Matthew was sworn in as a police officer in March 2020, while Rachel was sworn in last year in June 2021. Both officers started their careers in the Dalby division before transferring to Tara police station,” Queensland police commissioner Katarina Carroll said. 

Matthew and Rachel were highly respected and much-loved
members of the Queensland Police Service, she added. Both started their careers in Dalby before mobbing to Tara. 

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Queensland Police Union president Ian Leavers, “I was speaking with the male officer’s father last night, he was just in absolute despair and is searching for answers, but he will never get that, he has lost his son.” He described the McCrow as a wonderful young lady.

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Sixteen police officers responded to the emergency and attempted in vain to save their fallen colleagues’ lives, said Leavers. They did this under heavy gunfire, and nothing could be done to save their lives, he added.