A flight from Delhi to San Francisco was forced to change course and make an emergency landing at an airport in Russia’s Far East, as confirmed by Air India on Tuesday.

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The emergency landing was done due to a technical problem with one of the engines.

During a global debate over the use of Russian airspace by certain airlines, a major event happened involving the diversion of a Boeing 777 widebody aircraft. A technical failure caused the diversion, which resulted in an unplanned landing in Russia’s Far East. 

The event has heightened concerns expressed by United Airlines’ Chief Executive Officer, who recently warned about the possible risks associated with an airplane carrying American passengers being forced to land in Russia.

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After the concerns were raised, Air India expressed that a backup plane will travel from Mumbai on Wednesday to transport passengers whose flight was suddenly diverted to a Russian airport owing to engine problems. The ferry flight will depart Mumbai at 0730 GMT and go to Magadan in Russia, according to the airline. Air India’s effort seeks to minimize passengers’ annoyance and offer them the required support during their unexpected stay in Russia.

Air India also released the statement and said, “All passengers were eventually moved to a makeshift accommodation, after making sincere efforts to accommodate in hotels locally with the help of local government authorities.”

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Vedant Patel, a US State Department Spokesperson, also said that they are closely monitoring the situation. Air India is arranging for a replacement aircraft to be sent to Russia. The aircraft will be to facilitate the passengers’ onward travel to the United States, ensuring that their journey could proceed without further delay or disruption.

Russian aviation authority has also provided permission for the alternative flight coming from Delhi. The aviation authority is checking the plane’s technical condition which resulted in an emergency landing.