Elon Musk, who was poised to make his way into the Twitter boardroom after acquiring a 9% stake in the social media company, conducted a poll on Saturday, asking whether Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters can be turned into a homeless shelter, on account of the lower employee turnout amid the coronavirus pandemic

The Tesla and Space X CEO, who has over 81 million followers, got over a million responses in a day, with an overwhelming majority answering in the affirmative. 

Musk, who has often been known to joke on Twitter, clarified “I’m serious about this one btw”, with a follow up on Sunday. 

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos liked this idea and also shared a May 2020 news of how the company had an eight-storey homeless shelter attached to its Seattle offices. Bezos remarked that the initiative made it easier for employees to volunteer. 

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He also commented that even if not the whole, Musk could convert part of Twitter’s San Francisco offices to help the homeless. Musk lauded the thought calling it a “Great idea”. 

In another poll, the entrepreneur has suggested removing the “w” from Twitter. This seems to be in a lighter vein since both the options are positive – “Yes” and “Of course”.

However, since Musk became a stakeholder, he has also proposed some legitimate changes. The billionaire had some ideas for the Twitter Blue premium subscription service, saying on Sunday, that prices should be reduced, advertisements should be banned, and there should be an option to pay in dogecoin cryptocurrency.

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Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal confirmed that Musk will not be joining the board of directors after all. 

In other news, Musk recently shared some exciting news about Tesla too. The largest manufacturer of electric cars might be turning its sights towards a vehicle that can be used as a robotaxi, Musk said at an event in Austin, Texas. He also laid the groundwork for some other vehicles in the Tesla production pipeline.