Everton on Sunday registered a 1-0 win over Chelsea. Coach Frank Lampard, a former Chelsea star, celebrated widely after Brazilian Richarlison scored a 46th minute goal to help the Toffees move two points from relegation threat. The goal against a top side has brought him back in the limelight.

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Richarlison celebrated his goal before throwing a smoke flare back into the Godison Park where no crowd was there.

“We will look into the matter,” said an Everton spokesperson.

“As far we we are concerned, Richarlison was attempting to throw it out of the ground.”

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The build-up to the game was dominated by Everton fans setting off fireworks outside Chelsea’s team hotel, and Lampard praised the fans for their commitment to the cause.

In February, Liverpool midfielder Harvey Elliott was punished by the Football Association after handling a red flare following the side’s Carabao Cup victory at Wembley.

Pyrotechnics are banned from football stadiums in England.

A Football Association investigation will follow after the completion of Everton’s investigation. Richarlison will consider it a small price to pay should his contribution ultimately h

On Sunday, after Richarlison scored the solitary goal of the match, Everton’s star coach Lampard caught the eyes of football fans with his celebration despite Everton taking the lead against his former club. The former England footballer frantically ran up and went down the touchline in glee.

“The reality is, it’s in our hands and it’ll be in our hands after today because where we are at the bottom, teams don’t win every game,” Lampard said.

“So we must focus on ourselves and not get too distracted to what happens elsewhere, we can’t control it Today’s our opportunity to do something about it.”

On Sunday, Everton made life difficult for Chelsea in a heated first half that saw five yellow cards but a few goalscoring chances. Richarlison punished the Chelsea goalkeeper Cesar Azpiliceuta as the Blues captain was caught in profession before finishing beyond Edouard Mendy.