After the latest sexual assault allegations by a flight attendant against Ric Flair, World Wrestling Entertainment has removed the pro wrestling icon from its opening video package.

In the recent episode of the TV series “Dark Side of the Ring,” namely “Plane Ride From Hell,” a flight attendant Heidi Doyle accused that an intoxicated Flair forced himself upon her in 2002.

Although Flair was released from WWE back in August, his trademark “Woo!” was still a part of the show’s opening signature video package.

The “Woo!” has been deleted from this week’s Raw, and the little footage of Flair that typically runs on the screen has been replaced with that of the deceased Ultimate Warrior.

Meanwhile, fans also noted that Flair’s merchandise page on WWE Shop has been taken down, as has the first episode of the WWE Story Time animated series that featured the wrestler.

However, Flair responded via Twitter to the situation and denied the allegations. 

“Every person that I’ve worked with, from my lawyer to my publicist to my wife has said to not post a response; but I’ve never run from past behaviors before and I’m not going to start now,” Flair wrote.

The 72-year-old talked about how he had given full access of his life to ESPN for the ’30 for 30′ special,  which covered everything from his financial issues, adultery, divorces, the passing of his son, Reid Flair, and his partying lifestyle.

He argued, “The reason Rory [Karpf] (director of the ’30 for 30′ special on Flair) never heard stories of me forcing myself on anyone is simple: it never happened.”